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What should I do if I cannot access my account?

Escrito por Cinthia Flores



Being a user of the SafeApp means that only you have access to your private files, however, sometimes it could happen that you forget your access PIN and you do not want to lose your encrypted files in the cloud.

When it happens, you can recover your account in a safety way:

  1. From the access screen push the Recover PIN button in which you could write down your email address associated with your account, in order to make sure that your identity is not getting stolen we will send you a unique code to that email so you can validate your account from the SafeApp and that is it.
  2. What happens if you misspell your email address and can not validate it? 

In this case the option is to get in touch with the Support Team of the SafeApp by writing an email or via WhatsApp, they could help you to validate your identity by checking the data in our system about your device.

Take note: Remember that only the files that have been synced with the cloud could be recovered. How can you know if your content is synced? In the right corner of your file will appear a cloud like a watermark