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How do I register for SafeApp?

By Cinthia Flores



SafeApp was created to guard private important archives encrypted in the cloud. If you want to start a new account and know how hide photos, videos and documents here is everything you need to know to start by free:

1 Create a secret PIN

It is necessary to create a PIN of 4 digits so only you can have access to your private photos, videos and documents. With this PIN you will have access anytime.

2 Fingerprint access

If you prefer, you can turn on the unlock by fingerprint in the SafeApp, this is an easy way to access the app, it is safe and personalized. 

3 Email confirmation

Why is it necessary to link an email? Easy, if you lose your cell phone you can have access again to SafeApp from another device by recovering your account through email.

Another example is when you forget your PIN and you want to reestablish it without generating a new account, in this case the email helps to validate your identity and have access again to your secret folders.

Remember that all the encrypted files in the cloud only can be recovered through email, to avoid identity theft.

Now you are ready to start using your SafeApp!